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2008 BPM & Workflow Handbook

Methods, Concepts, Case Studies and Standards
in Business Process Management and Workflow

Available in both Print and two Digital Editions.

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Spotlight on Human-Centric BPM

Do you know how people's processes fit into an automated environment? 

Human-centric business process management (BPM) has become the product and service differentiator. The topic now captures substantial mindshare and market share in the human-centric BPM space as leading vendors have strengthened their human-centric business processes. Our spotlight this year examines challenges in human-driven workflow and its integration across the enterprise.

Edited by Layna Fischer
Published in association with the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC)

Retail $95.00. Now reduced to $65.00 .

Available in both Print and Digital Editions.

The new DIGITAL EDITION v2 now available.
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Retail $95.00. now reduced to $65.00
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Publication Date: April 2008
Quality hardcover. 320 pages.
US $95.00 Retail.
Size: 7" x 10"
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Starting with a look at the new business imperative for BPM in 2008 by Nathaniel Palmer, WfMC Executive Director, chapters this year include useful non-technical advice on implementing your first BPMS, step by step instructions on creating SOA and a look at converging BPM technologies and how they will affect your business. Technical papers include detailed examination of process mining and integration of WfMC standards with others in this space.

A special spotlight on Human-Centric BPM examines challenges in human-driven workflow and its integration across the enterprise.

Throughout the book international industry experts and thought leaders present significant new ideas and concepts to help you plan a successful future for your organization.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
    Jon Pyke, Chair WfMC, United Kingdom
    (download this chapter now for free)
  • Introduction: Workflow and BPM in 2008: A New Business Value Imperative
    Nathaniel Palmer, Executive Director, Workflow Management Coalition, United States
    (free download of this chapter immediately )

SECTION 1-The Business Value of BPM and Workflow 

  • BPM, SOA, and Web 2.0 Convergence: Business Transformation or Train Wreck
    Linus Chow and Peter Bostrom, BEA Systems, United States  
  • Building a Scalable and Sustainable BPM Center of Excellence
    Clay Richardson, Project Performance corp., USA & David Atwood, Govt. of Bermuda, Bermuda 
  • Making Intelligence Actionable: Business Process Management and Business Intelligence
    Patrick Morrissey, Savvion, USA  
  • Applying Decision Management to Make Processes Smarter, Simpler and More Agile
    James Taylor & Neil Raden, Smart (Enough) Systems LLC, USA 
  • Business Process Architecture and Business Transformation
    Chris Lawrence, Old Mutual, South Africa  
  • Keeping it Simple in the Complex World of BPM
    Amit Rajaram, HSBC Group, India  
  • SOA: Simple Step-by-Step
    Federico Silva & Alfredo Cisterna, PECTRA Technology, Inc., USA  
  • Implementing Your First BPM Project: Tips and Pitfalls Case Study
    Karl Djemal, Citi, United States  
  • Engagement Transforms Processes, Inside and Outside the Enterprise
    Raja Hammoud, Adobe Systems, Incorporated, USA 



  • System Automation vs. Human Facilitation
    Keith Swenson, Fujitsu Computer Systems, USA
    (download this chapter now for free)
  • MyBPM: Social Networking for Business Process Management
    Dr. Setrag Khoshafian, Pegasystems Inc., USA
  • Services: Integrating User Interfaces into a Service-Oriented Architecture
    Jeffrey Ricker, Jeffrey Ricker LLC, USA  
  • Impact of Organizational Changes on Running Processes: a Challenge for Achieving Business Agility
    Salvatore Latronico, Gianpiero Bongallino & Francesco Battista, Openwork, Italy  
  • Human-Driven BPM: the Missing Piece is People
    Roberto Silva, SAP Latin America, Mexico  
  • The Rise of Project Workforce
    Rudolf Melik, Tenrox, Canada 
  • XPDL Cross-Product Exception Handling for Workflow Management Systems
    Giuseppe Pozzi, Politecnico di Milano; Carlo Combi, University of Verona; Florian Daniel, University of Trento, Italy  
  • The Road to XPDL 2.0: Case Study
    Justin Brunt, TIBCO Software, United Kingdom



  • Integration of Workforce Management with a Business Process Management Suite
    Robert Shapiro, Global360, United States
    (download this chapter now for free)
  • Department of Defense Suspense Tracking
    Charles Joesten, ICOR Partners, LLC, USA  
  • Process Mining
    John Hoogland, Pallas Athena, The Netherlands  
  • Analysis of Most Common Process Modeling Mistakes in BPMN Process Models
    Tomislav Rozman, LANCom, Gregor Polancic & Romana Vajde Horvat, University of Maribor,  Slovenia  
  • The Temporal Perspective: Expressing Temporal Constraints and Dependencies in Process Models
    Denis Gange, Trisotech; Andre Trudel, Acadia University; Canada  
  • How to Implement the Automation of Omnipresent 'Distributed Treatments' in BPMS
    Dr. Juan J. Trilles, AuraPortal, Spain 
  • The Representation of Dynamic, Context-Informed Workflow
    H. Dominic Covvey, Donald D. Cowan, Paulo Alencar, Shirley L. Fenton, David Hanriques, Joel So, William J. Malyk; University of Waterloo, Canada
  • BPM and Corporate Measurement Systems: Putting “Intelligence” Back Into BI
    Dennis Korevitski, Brianna Knox; Covestic, Inc., USA

  • Emerging convergence of BPM, ECM and Portals in Financial Services
    Vinaykumar.S.Mummigatti, Satyam Computers Services, USA

  • Transformation of Government: Through a Gateway that leads to Information Society
    Omer KILIC, Adobe, Turkey

  • PQMM: A New Model to Measure Business Process Quality
    Dr. A.Selcuk Guceglioglu, Onur Demirors; METU, Turkey

  • A Holistic Adoption Framework for Long Term Success of BPM
    Jyoti M. Bhat, Jude Fernandez; Infosys Technologies Limited, India

  • Reconciling and enacting cross-organisational business processes for B2B e-commerce
    Paul W.H. Chung, Xi Chen; Loughborough University, United Kingdom

  • BPM Standards and Guidelines
    Sachin Mandhare, Satyam Computers Services Limited, India

  • Service oriented workflow system for digital media broadcasting
    JuHee Bae, DaeRyung Lee, IBM, Korea; Paolo Dettori, Julio Nogima, Frank Schaffa, IBM, USA


  • WfMC Structure and Membership Information

  • Membership Directory

  • Officers and Fellows

  • Author Biographies

  • Index


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This new eBook series presents the collection of best and most important chapters on their respective topics recently published in the annual BPM and Workflow Handbook series and other publications.
Introduction to BPM and Workflow
Utilities and Telecommunications

Business Transformation Series

~ Business and Dynamic Change
~ BPM Everywhere
~ Thriving on Adaptability
~ Empowering Knowledge Workers
~ iBPMS - Intelligent BPM Systems
~ Human Centric BPM
~ Social BPM
~ Taming the Unpredictable
~ BPMN 2.0 Handbook 2nd Edition

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* Thriving on Adaptability
* Passports to Success in BPM
* Moving the Goalposts
* Using BPM for Competitive Advantage
* Innovation, Implementation and Impact
* Successful Process Implementation
* Delivering BPM Excellence

* Taming the Unpredictable
* Customer-Centric Organization
* How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done
* Delivering Competitive Advantage
* Understanding and Using BPM


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