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Thriving On Adaptability...
Best Practices for Knowledge Workers

  • Special 44-page mini-book presentation of:
    WESTMED Practice Partners, USA
    Award-winning case study presented by Hyland, creator of OnBase®, USA

    includes bonus chapters:

  • ACM 2.0: Decoding the Business Genome
  • Understanding and Evaluating Case Management Software

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Passports to Success in BPM

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  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, USA (case study)

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iBMPS Cover
Retail $59.95

iBPMS: Intelligent BPM Systems.

Intelligent business process management is the next generation of enterprise BPM, leveraging recent technological advances to attain a degree of operational responsiveness not possible with yesterday’s business process platform.

Today, companies of all types want faster and better insight into their operations. This growing demand for operational intelligence has given rise to a new, "smarter" variety of business process management suites (BPMS).

  • Process of Everything
    Setrag Khoshafian and Don Schuerman, Pegasystems Inc.
  • Thriving on Adaptability: How Smart Companies Win in a Data-Driven World.
    Nathaniel Palmer, Business Process Management, Inc. (BPMI) and WfMC

How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done

Read five-star review by Paul Harmon

How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done

Keith Swenson points out, “We are seeing a fundamental shift in our workforce, and in the ways they need to be managed. Not only are companies engaging their customers in new ways, but managers are engaging workers in similarly transformed ways.” More...

  • Vision Service Plan (VSP) (case study)
    Silver Award: Healthcare

  • QSuper, Australia (case study)
    Silver Award: Public Sector

Social BPM
Work, Planning and Collaboration Under the Impact of Social Technology

  • The Quantum Organization:
    How Social Technology will Displace the Newtonian View

Keith Swenson, Vice President of R&D, Fujitsu America Inc.
We find ourselves standing on the crux of a change so profound that it will affect every aspect of our working lives. It is a change in the very way that we think about organizations and how people interact within organizations.

Industrial Revolution ideas are being replaced by Information Revolution ideas, and management is feeling a crisis similar to that felt by physicists when the Newtonian view of the universe was replaced by a quantum view of the universe. We can use this shift in the field of physics as a parallel that illustrates the same kinds of changes that management science and information technology are seeing today.

Taming the Unpredictable
$49.95 - see discount here

Taming the Unpredictable
Real World Adaptive Case Management

Highly predictable work is easy to support using traditional programming techniques, while unpredictable work cannot be accurately scripted in advance, and so requires the involvement of the workers themselves.

Adaptive Case Management (ACM) assists the knowledge worker to apply know-how and make decisions. One core adaptable quality of ACM is support for goal-seeking and goal-driven processes, where goals can be modified “in flight” by the knowledge worker.

  • Considerations for Implementing Adaptive Case Management
    Max J. Pucher, ISIS Papyrus, Switzerland


BPMN Modeling and Reference Guide
Understanding and Using BPMN

Retail Price: $39.95 Buy now

This book is for business users and process modeling practitioners alike. Part I provides an easily understood introduction to the key components of BPMN (put forward in a user-friendly fashion). Starting off with simple models, it progresses into more sophisticated patterns. Exercises help cement comprehension and understanding (with answers available online). Part II provides a detailed and authoritative reference on the precise semantics and capabilities of the standard.

  • FREE: Sample Chapters: Full Table of Contents, Full Chapter 4 and half of Chapter 5. (27 pages total PDF)
  • BPMN Edición en español -- Tabla de Contenidos US$49.95 Ejemplo de capítulos: Tabla de contenido, capítulos 1 y 2 en su totalidad. 27 páginas (PDF)

BPMN 2.0 Handbook
Second Edition

Download even more free chapters, case studies and papers:

  • Primitives and Style: A Common Vocabulary for BPM across the Enterprise
    Dennis Wisnosky, Business Mission Area Chief Architect & CTO, ODCMO, US DoD and Linus Chow, Oracle, USA

  • Transforming Security through EA and BPM
    Christine Robinson & Associates, LLC, USA

  • Nokia Siemens Networks, UAE (case study)
    Gold Award, Middle East and Africa.

  • Intelligent, Automated Processes: Embedding Analytics in Decisions
    James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions, USA

  • Using BPM to Drive Clinical Intelligence and Process Oversight in the Acute Healthcare Setting
    Ray Hess, The Chester County Hospital, USA

  • Enterprise Process Automation–Providing the Gift of Time
    Roy Altman, Peopleserv Inc., USA

  • Social Technologies Will Drive the Next Wave of BPM Suites
    Clay Richardson, Forrester Research, USA

  • Thinking Global, Acting Local: How BI And BPM Supports Smart Cities in a Globalized Economy
    Lewis Carr, Oracle Corp., USA

  • Produbanco,Ecuador (case study)
    Gold Award, South America

  • An Open Letter to President Obama: It's Time to Fix Broken Government
    Clay Richardson, Senior Analyst, Business Process Management, Forrester Research, United States

  • How Converging Methodologies and Technologies Effect Adoption and Success of BPM
    Linus K. Chow, Oracle Corporation, USA

  • Samsung Heavy Industries, Korea (case study)
    Gold Award (1MB PDF)

  • The Chester County Hospital, USA (case study)
    Gold Award (360kb PDF)

  • The Business Value of Workflow and BPM (which clarifies the distinction made by WfMC between business users and IT professionals).
    Keith Swenson, WfMC Chair

  • Integration of Workforce Management with a Business Process Management Suite: Robert Shapiro, Global360, United States

  • System Automation vs. Human Facilitation: Keith Swenson, Fujitsu Computer Systems, USA

  • Business Process Standards See a New Global Imperative
    Nathaniel Palmer, Executive Director, Workflow Management Coalition

  • BPM and Service-Oriented Architecture Teamed Together: a Pathway to Success for an Agile Government
    Linus Chow and Charles Medley, BEA Systems; Clay Richardson, PPC

  • XPDL 2.0: Integrating Process Interchange and BPMN (316kb PDF)
    Robert M. Shapiro, Global 360, USA.
    Extract: The Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) was developed by individuals working together in the Business Process Management Initiative to take the techniques employed in flowcharting tools, unify and extend the graphics to express the semantics required in workflow and EAI processes. BPMN 1.0 was released in May 2004. In addition to the graphical notation, BPMN incorporated a number of specific mechanisms for process modeling that had not yet been included in XPDL; among these in particular events and message passing between processes. XPDL 2.0 incorporates these mechanisms as well as the graphics and offers an extended meta-model that unifies XPDL and BPMN.

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Over 45 in total, about 530 pages, more than two whole books!

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Introduction to BPM and Workflow
Utilities and Telecommunications


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~ BPMN 2.0 Handbook 2nd Edition

Social BPM


eBook Series
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* Introduction to BPM and Workflow
* Financial
* Healthcare
* Utilities & Telecoms

Excellence in Practice Series

* Moving the Goalposts
* Using BPM for Competitive Advantage
* Innovation, Implementation and Impact
* Successful Process Implementation
* Delivering BPM Excellence

* Taming the Unpredictable
* Customer-Centric Organization
* How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done
* Delivering Competitive Advantage
*Empowering Knowledge Workers

How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done

Taming the Unpredictable


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